Why We’re Going Nuts for Black Tapware

If you’ve been shopping for tap ware recently, or even just leafed through the pages of an interiors magazine you won’t have missed the fact that we are loving black tap ware right now.

In my recent story for Houzz Australia I explored the reasons why we are “going nuts” for black tap ware and also ways in which you can incorporate this look into your home.


(Image via Phoenix Tapware)

“Chrome has always been the go-to finish for kitchen and bathroom tapware. Now, after a long reign at the top, chrome is being challenged by sleek and sophisticated black. While chrome will never go out of style, matt black tapware has enjoyed a sharp surge in popularity and is now at the forefront of interior design trends. For those looking for a little luxury in the kitchen or bathroom, or just that special something that sets a room apart from the rest, black is… well, the new black! Here are 10 reasons why black tapware is tops and how to use it well.” Read more…….



(Main Image via: Kate Walker Design)





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