For me design has always been about making people happy; creating a space that makes the home an enjoyable and happy place to be, and that means having an excellent balance between functionality, practicality, aesthetics and texture.


My earliest experiements with design and colour started in my own bedroom. I was constantly re arranging furniture and trying out new colour schemes and ideas. My love for art and crafts was strong from a very early age and was something that was nurtured and encouraged by my parents. I would do drawings and paintings to hang on the walls, make lampshapes and cushion covers from fabrics that my mother had no use for and hang fairy lights to create a cosy space that i loved being in.

I have never been one to follow trends or use a certain style or colour just because its the “in” thing, thats not to say I don’t love trends as much as the next person! Clients always ask me what the trends are and what everyone else is doing. Usually the “in” thing becomes the “out” thing very quickly! For me its more about what YOU like and what suits your home. A lot of people think they dont have a style and want someone to tell them what they should do but by flicking through magazines with my clients and having them pick out looks and images what they are instinctively attracted to very quickly helps to determine what it is they like….without them even realising.

I have designed contemporary streamlined handless kitchens with clients for their traditional queenslander homes – because thats what they desired, and we worked together to make it just “work” in their home. Likewise I have assisted clients to achieve an elegant, traditional, “old world” feel in their modern 3rd floor apartment.


I also believe that redesigning the interior of your home or your kitchen for that matter doesnt always mean getting rid of what you have a replacing it with new. Something just rearranging existing furniture, eliminating a few items or introducing a few new items, new colour or texture is all it takes to breath new life into a tired space.

New cabinet doors can sometimes be all that a tired and dated kitchen requires especially if the existing layout is working perfectly and doesn’t need reconfiguring.

I LOVE colour. When shopping for furniture and accessories for my home I’m always naturally drawn to more colourful items. As contradictory as it may sound, what drew me to the property where we currently live was the fact that everything was white and neutral; white kitchen, white walls, neutral floor tiles….the prefect crisp backbrop for our colourful wall art, reclaimed furniture and vintage unique accessories. I have very eclectic taste and i love and appreciate all styles and eras of design. Mixing an old colonial style solid wood dining table that we restored after salvaging it from the kerbside, with our modern high gloss kitchen is testiment to that.